The Yellow Zone

The Yellow Zone | محدوده زرد

Solo Exhibition

A painting exhibition held between 25 Jan 2019 – 11 Feb 2019.

Artist: Mahdi Javaheri

Peace is a complicated term that, as if human beings should have higher effort than greedy powers and fighters its distribution and spreading. A peace that, in its depths, is a form of love, friendship, kindness, and all of the people are claiming to have to, but it is being tried for a little. 

Mehdi Javaheri has used contradictory twofold by profound understanding of peace as the Hafez odes or many of the great sonneteer to challenge the colors, lines, form, levels, and words of war and violence. A view that includes violence from plants, trees, animals to humans is used to turn their attention from the destruction of the war to decorative objects to decorate their thoughts.

Isa Chulandim


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