The realm of silence

Keep quite

Solo Exhibition

A painting exhibition held between 04 Jan 2019 – 21 Jan 2019.

Artist: Azade Dalal Isfahani

In a short passage to the city,
You get involved in the daily and nightly routine shelter that you merely want to sleep

The lonely humans of your morning and night,
solved with you, going in the invisible back-lanes and in the timeless and intricate routes to only think about the future


So beautiful and glamorous!
Dusty and manipulated paradigms of lack of culture that forcibly perform the glorious pantomimes of “life” with no design of the scene and outfits, only in the solitude behind the -1centimeter walls!

They became numbers, profanities, permissible concomitant of the network, envy the dollars, and forget that despite all the pollutions, the sun is still on top of the city…

The city, still full of hope and easy!

With the flavor of “privacy” and “reality”, which is not known in the main objectivity!

And, I am emphatically consistent on mainlining the privacy from outside and from the top, as the pictorial memories that compare the broken image of insight and colorful brightness from beyond the view from the surface of the streets and lanes in the framework of area, volume, composition, colorlessness, color, texture and structure, concrete and cement and steel beams, only with my “char of loneness”

I have only flown my imagination in the reality…..

For the chair of loneliness of “you and me”, where we review ourselves for being translated in this reading frame.

Azadeh Dalal Esfahani (Winter 2019)


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