The Parallel World

جهان موازی | The parallel world | گالری گذار

Group Exhibition

An Exhibition held by two special artist between 05 Oct 2018 – 29 Oct 2018.


  • Shahrzad Amin (Sculptor)
  • Mohammad Karamipour (Painter)
Virgin nature that is a reminder of the presence of human; Similar to the observation of a few rolled stone in the forest or dual shel. (Karamipour)


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By Mohammad Karamipour
By Shahrzad Amin

The world is full of occurrences that bring wonder and awe to us all. As human beings, sometimes we can do nothing except stand in awe to these occurrences and become witnesses. Considering fundamental social issues such as democracy, human rights, equality, capitalism, migration and the plurality of the society we live in, are central to my work. I hope that my new collection titled “Witnesses”
touch us at the very core, reminding us of our shared humanity like justice, honesty, forgiveness, and decency.

“Witnesses” are inspired by the twelve statues known collectively as the “Tell Asmar Hoard” that are famous for having wide eyes, and their sense of humble attentiveness are appealing.

The clean simplicity of these figures offers a vast space in which to push our mind. We can see a deep innocence, and compassionate gaze in their eyes that never force us to venture too deeply but, rather, leaves it entirely up to us as to how far in us might like to travel. Also, by sculpting Witnesses, I place myself in other people’s eyes, challenging my own belief systems, feeling their pain, sorrow, hope, joy, loss, and vulnerability.

“Witnesses” are small simplified figures, standing or sitting in specific poses, all emphasize on their faces. I tried to present variety of emotions, changing their facial expressions with minimum change in details. These figures are meant to move people to feel intense emotions. The best way to feel these intense emotions is to look, look and look again. The more the audience engage with the installations, the more feelings shall emanate and propagate through; and thus the audience and the art unify.

“Witnesses” don’t have a specific identity, they are symbols of different people who are conveying their feelings of what they are witnessing in this wondrous life. Their facial expression, astonished look, and their wide eyes shows their reactions. Here I invite viewers to try to experience the Witnesses’ sentiment. I want to challenge people to find answers to the Witnesses’ Enigmas, why are they so astonished? What are they gazing at? Or what are they witnessing? .

My goal is to use my art against all the stereotypes that are fed to us on daily bases. I also continue to create socially engaging art pieces that invoke thoughts and encourage conversations about social issues that surround us. Creating original pieces that truly move people to feel intense emotions is a challenge that I try to explore with my sculptures.

(Shahrzad Amin)

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