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The wind spins the clock hands

Solo Exhibition A photo gallery held between 30 Nov 2018 – 24 Dec 2018. Artist: Sohrab Parvaz Space and time have enclasped everything. The author has chosen one specific location and without any interfering except for choosing the frame, stands out and just observes whatever is about to be narrated. Space and time start the story […]

reza mazroei


B.A in Painting | Art University Of Isfahan. M.A in Painting | Sepehr University Exhibitions: Painting Group Exhibition, Central Library of the Municipality, Isfahan, 2006 Painting Exhibition, Hamoon Gallery, Isfahan, 2013 Painting Exhibition, Arteh Gallery, Isfahan, 2015 Painting Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum,Isfahan, 2015 Volume Group Exhibition, University of Art,Campus, National Garden,Tehran , 2016 Painting Exhibition […]