accolad | گالری گذار | آکولاد گذار
گالری گذار | آکولاد

Solo Exhibition

A bronze statue exhibition held between 13 July 2018 – 10 Aug 2018.

Artist: Sadegh Adham

Sadegh Adham’s bronze statue collection with the subject of heroic rituals and multidimensional visualization of Rostam and Sohrab is known to be the first sample of the duplication of the father and son relationship in Shahnameh. A father and a son, who, maybe in a way, are the heroic archetypes in Shahnameh and Persian Mythologies. 


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These works are seemingly the foundation for stating such an immortal and eternal rootlessness, concealed in heroic rituals, that, in time, become “the human essence”. Heavy instruments with ammunition and military equipment on the basis and thin weak feet, being built on the loose soil of the earth and humane efforts of a hero to pass the borders and human constraints. Heroes, depicted by this artist, have, in the long run, the very same strange confusion and bafflement, typical of every father and son relations, with breaks, swords, loops, orbs and thunderbolts, which eventually connect and separate them. And “Accolade” maybe a proper title for this collection; an action, including tapping the tip of the sword on the shoulders of a hero and announcing him a “knight”, feeling the sharp tip and thunderous body of the sword before entering the mysterious world of heroism.

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