21 Ganjifa

21 گنجفه | گالری گذار
21 ganjifa | گالری گذار

Solo Exhibition

A painting Exhibition held between 02 Nov 2018 – 26 Nov 2018.

Artist: Isa Choulandim

The boar, which once upon a time was a symbol of war and soldier, and accompanied the God of Lovein the feature of Bahram, or liberated the earth from the hands of the devil in the depths of the ocean in the feature of Vishnu, today is the game of Hercules, to scare Orovestos or causing enmity among Calyodonian Hordes Atlanta is not a virago who injuresitwith the first arrow of her bow so that the prosperous heroes would bring the dogmatic thoughts under yoke of kindness.

Boars are fighting together, trampling the Ermanians’ gardens. They have hurt and wounded the Bijans and warriors by their sarcastic boastfulness. They kill, tear, bamboozle, lie, betray, and make the body of life as a dead alive in a wormy manner.
Everybody in every profession is trying to destroy despotic thoughts more. Rostamsare becoming obtrusive demogorgonsand Simourghs are becoming Shaghads for enmity.
It is a dirty ganbling of 21 Ganjifas in a weight of soul as wide as love. It is the trade game of boars in a politician body, appointees of the queen, or warriors of a commander. 21 Ganjifas are 21 professions for a soul with 21grams of weight; a combination of 3 sevens, 3 countless, 3 ill sacred ones.
The colors in calm and similar frames are decorated with the fake beauty showing the wounds and inter-wriggling of vampires like a dirkdecorated with flowers in hands of enemy, so that indicate the ugly truth instead of a pleasant and beautiful lie. These are the painful facts which lie to my anxieties eye-catchingly.


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